WALZ'R presentation

WALZ'R is a performance project by Jenny Beyer (choregraph) and Jassem Hindi (sound artist)

This project has turned out to be somewhat of a research on conservative entertainment rituals and how to subvert them.

... a performance about HORROR and GRACE, mechanical torture and sex. With rare reenactments of tendentious dances from the 1920's, but also glamorous kisses and harsh noise, the Frankenstein original soundtrack and Liszt. Join us in this swirl of death and fantasy.

4 dancers, 2 musicians, sound, light and costumes.

...with the fantastically tremendous and unique participation (and these are not superlatives) of Rani Nair (aka queen of death) Marko Milic (aka the greek god) Dani Brown (aka glamor girl) and Rosa Wernecke (aka the maker of madness). The piece is proposed to you by your servants, Jenny Beyer and Jassem Hindi (known as the merciless twins).

First initiated in 2009 at the Weimar Kunstfest, under the curation of Nik Hafner and Carsten Seiffarth, the two artists decided to pursue their project, using waltz as a formal and a contextual tool, a raw material for their practice, a background noise to their collaboration. This project travels between performance work, dance, sound installation, musical quotes, cultural critique, social event and visual exhibition.

A 3/4 rythm is based on a natural imbalance, it doesn't stand still, doesn't come back to its initial position, it calls for movement, it calls for its own transformation. Waltz is an attitude, a playground for bodies and sound. Performers in a ballroom, a landscape that is always changing, the reminiscence of something that is never exactly where it seems to be. The cracking of wood instead of a symphony, a football movement instead of a twist. A faint nostalgia of waltz appears, both in music and dance, and suddenly everything becomes 3/4.